Practical information

What is the weight of the device?

The device weighs 7 to 26 lb (about 7 lb per m2)

What is the inflation pressure of the device?

The ideal inflation pressure is 13 PSI

Do I need a special pump or is a standard market pump suitable?

The inflation is done with a standard or electric pump. The tip to use is stand-up paddle, kayak...

Can the installation be done by a single person?

Up to 60 inch, the inflation and the installation can be done by one person; for bigger sizes, it is recommended to be two people.

My opening has some irregularities, is it a problem?

The FlowStop is made to absorbs 0.4 inch of irregularities on the floor and on the walls.

Do you have a video to prove that the device inflates in less than a minute?

Of course 😉

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