How to store and care your FlowStop ?

Is maintenance required to keep it in good condition ?

You just should inflate your anti-flood barrier FlowStop once a year to ensure that it is in good condition.

What should be done after it is used ?

You should clean it with clean water to ensure that no material is left on the surface of the device.

Can the FlowStop be kept deflated or should it remain inflated ?

We have designed the FlowStop to make everything as simple as possible, whether it is installation, use or storage: it can therefore be deflated and stored flat on a shelf or hung on a wall thanks to the handles.

Can the FlowStop be rolled or folded ?

If you need to move it, rolling or folding it is no problem. But it is better not to keep it rolled or folded for a long time because it could damage the seals.

What is the life span of the device?

With a healthy storage, the life span is at least 10 years.

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