How does the FlowStop stop flooding ?

Good to know : The FlowStop is the result of 3 years of R&D. It is protected by a patent.
No construction work required, quick inflation and compact storage, it is the most effective flood protection on the market.

When should FlowStop be deployed ?

In case of rising water or heavy rainfall.

Is it necessary to add a strip of material between the FlowStop and the walls or the threshold of the openings ?

It is not necessary: the FlowStop has been designed to be used without any construction work (such as a rail or notch) and is sufficient to ensure its function.

What sizes of openings are covered by FlowStop ?

Each FlowStop is manufactured to the exact width of your opening to ensure a 100% watertightness.

What is the height of the FlowStop ?

The standard height is 80 cm. We produce each FlowStop custom-made, so it is possible to customize the height if you have constraints.

How does the FlowStop block the flooding?